Bad Faith Insurance Claims

Are you hunting to find a lawyer that can help you handle a bad faith insurance claim? If you have been victimized by an insurance company’s bad-faith dealings, we can fight on your behalf to try to get compensation. It starts with the fair value of your original claim and might include punitive damages as well. We specialize in defending people in the same situation that you find yourself in, by opposing insurers who commit misconduct or engage in deceptive behavior. Fill out a free form with information about your case, so that we can evaluate your situation and begin putting together a strategic plan to get you the settlement that you rightfully deserve.

Insufficient Insurance Refund

Insurance companies are for-profit businesses, so they will sometimes treat their customers unfairly in order to avoid paying out the full amount on a refund. If this happens to you, one of our lawyers can help to ensure that you are paid what you are actually owed.

Claim Denials

As long as you have been paying your premiums on time, you deserve to be paid on any valid claims that you submit. However, a lot of people are still denied. They have a right to be furious about that, and you do too. Don’t give up out of frustration, though. Call us and let us fight on your behalf.

Payment Delays

Some insurance companies will delay claims as long as possible in order to keep earning interest on the money by keeping it in their accounts. In addition, when customers wait for a delayed payment they are more likely to be relieved it has arrived than to fight for more money. This works in the favor of the insurance company.

Insurance Cancellation After a Claim

Some policies are cancelled right after a claim is filed, but if that was an unjustified action you can take legal action. Our attorneys can determine whether the cancellation was done in bad faith or not, thus figuring out whether or not you are in good standing to pursue any legal action.

Insurance Broker and Agent Misrepresentation

Insurance brokers and agents make their money through selling policies, so some are unscrupulous and will lie in order to sell more policies. If your policy was misrepresented and it causes you a loss, we can assist you in pursuing legal action. You may be able to sue for bad faith and recoup your losses.