We take a great deal of pride in working hand-in-hand with churches that feel that they have been victimized by an insurance company operating in bad faith. Many people that fall victim to bad faith tactics on the part of insurance companies simply accept the outcome and do not take action. Sometimes they do that because they don’t realize that they have any other recourse. However, if you do believe that your church has been taken advantage of, you should contact us right away to make sure that your insurance company stands by the policy it sold you.

You can fill out a free form in order to get a case evaluation. We provide free consultation, so that we can let you know what the facts of your case are and advise you on how to proceed. From there, we can begin putting together a strategy designed to get you the claim payment that you rightfully deserve. Usually we are also able to pursue punitive damages if the insurance company intentionally tried to avoid paying out a valid claim. We have a strong track record in recovering compensation for our clients.

If you have been making faithful payments on insurance premiums, then it is only fair that you are treated properly in return by your insurance company. While people don’t always think about it, insurances are for-profit businesses looking to maximize their profits by cutting costs and increasing revenues. The only way they can really impact their expenses is by refusing to make payments whenever possible. Sometimes this gets out of hand to the point where they are denying even valid claims. They view paying you as a loss financially, and if they are taking steps to wrongfully short-change you, it is up to you to fight back.

When you buy an insurance policy, that company has made a fiduciary agreement with your church. If they breach it, you have the right to take legal action. We can work with you to fight an unfair claim denial, delays in payment or policy cancellation without basis. Don’t simply cave in to the pressure of the insurance company; get our team of lawyers on your side and fight back!