Water Damage

Water damage can occur as a result of a variety of different types of events, including a hurricane, flood or pipe burst. It is most commonly seen at a widespread level as a result of floods, hurricanes or the floods that are a result of hurricanes hitting coastal areas. In addition, when a pipe bursts, it can cause a significant amount of water damage. What people don’t always realize is that there can be a lot more water damage below the surface than is obvious, which can cause structural damage or the build up of mold. This type of damage can be extremely expensive to repair, as it involves tearing up walls in order to look for mold or other damage. However, if your insurance policy covers this type of repair then your insurance company has no excuse to unfairly reject your payment or delay your payment unnecessarily.

These actions are examples of bad faith dealings, which can give you legal grounds to pursue full payment on your claims in a timely fashion. Whether you are dealing with water damage in your home, business or other building, your insurance company does not have the right to arbitrarily delay payments. If you believe that this is what is going on, you should contact a bad faith insurance claim attorney to review your case. Our team of lawyers handles insurance cases only, so they have developed a strong level of expertise in the matters at hand. They’ll be able to spot any misconduct and let you know what rights you have and what the best course of action is in order to protect your interests. If your insurance company has breached its duty to you as outlined in your insurance policy, we will help you fight for what you are rightfully owed and make sure that you are not taken advantage of.

Contact one of our bad faith insurance lawyers today to review your case and help you to plan a strategy to receive full compensation in accordance with your policy. With our expert assistance, your chances of successfully receiving your full payments will increase significantly.