If you have been a victim of vandalism and filed a claim with your insurance company, only to find that it is being unfairly denied or delayed, contact one of our bad faith insurance claim attorneys to analyze your case. We will determine whether you have the grounds to take legal action in order to pursue a full payment according to your policy. We will go to work in order to get what is rightfully yours in accordance with your policy. After all, if you have been making payments on your premiums each month or year and obtained a policy that covers vandalism, you deserve to get what you have been paying for. If your insurance company is not acting in good faith, you may have a strong case on which to pursue full repayment of your claim in a timely fashion.

Most homeowners’ insurance policies do cover damages from vandalism and mischief, which can include a wide range of damages such as broken windows, damaging paint, causing water damage or otherwise tampering with a home or property. This same protection usually extends to businesses, apartment properties and the buildings of non-profit organizations. As long as your policy has a provision to cover this type of damage, you should not be required to pay for the repairs beyond your deductible.

However, insurance companies will sometimes go out of their way in order to avoid paying your claim or in order to delay it. The longer that they are able to keep the money they owe you in their own account, the more interest they can collect on it. In the mean time, this can leave you without enough money to repair the damages. That can put you in an unfair state of flux, waiting to find out what is going to happen. Payment delays can be grounds to take legal action, so contact one of our bad faith insurance claim lawyers today in order to review the facts in your case and determine whether or not there has been any wrong doing on the part of your insurance company.