Break In and Robbery Damage

One of the most unsettling things that can happen to someone is to find out that their home, office or other property has been broken into. It can leave you feeling scared, vulnerable and cheated. The last thing that you need to deal with during such a time of crisis is an insurance company that is not living up to your policy. If you have been making your premium payments in good faith throughout the life of your policy, you certainly deserve to be paid promptly and fairly on your claim. If that is not the case, contact one of our bad faith insurance claim attorneys to review the facts at hand. We’ll perform a free evaluation of your case in order to determine whether you have the grounds to take legal action and to plot a course forward.

We have years of experience and a strong track record in regaining full compensation for our clients. During this time, we’ve become all too familiar with the frustration that clients feel when they not only feel vulnerable because their home was broken into, but also because their insurance company does not have their back. The good news, though, is that your insurance company has a fiduciary responsibility to you as a policyholder. If they have not acted in good faith, we will likely be able to assist you in recovering the full fair value on your claim, as well as possible punitive damages.

The damage that is often experienced from a break in can include vandalism, destroyed lucks, broken windows and more. It can also result in the loss of personal property of value, so establishing the full amount of the loss can be tricky in some cases. If there are disputes over what should be included in the claim, this can lead to delays in receiving your payment or an unfair denial of your claim.

We will look through the details of your case for any wrongdoing, including misrepresentation on the part of your insurance broker or agent if they provided you with bad information about what your policy would or would not cover.