The damage claims from fires can get large quickly, due to the fact that fires can spread throughout a building very quickly, engulfing a large amount of personal property during that time. In recovering losses and repairing damage, the costs incurred can include expenses to repair and rebuild the structure of a home or office. This comes at considerable expense, and it is critical that you get a prompt payment from your insurance company. Because people know that their policy is supposed to cover this type of damage, very few people have money set aside to cover repair expenses, even in the short term.

As a result, if your insurance company tries to delay the payment in order to hold onto the money a bit longer to keep collecting interest, it can have a devastating impact on your personal finances. If you are dealing with more resistance to your valid claim than you feel that you should be, contact us for a free evaluation in order to determine whether you have the grounds to take legal action on a bad faith insurance claim.

We have bad faith insurance lawyers who have dedicated their career to representing people just like you who are falling victim to insurance companies that they thought were on their side. We will stand by you throughout the entire process, striving to settle out of court when possible but willing to go to battle in court when that is the best way forward to protect your interests. We have a strong track record of getting our clients full compensation on their claims.

The damage and expense from even a single room fire can be extremely significant, and smoke damage can spread very quickly. The degree of repairs can be shocking, and with the expenses rolling in quickly it is essential that your insurance company pay out your claim in a reasonable amount of time. If you do not feel that your insurance company is honoring its responsibility to you, we are ready to step in and protect your interests. Contact one of our lawyers today to have your case reviewed.