If you have an insurance policy on your condominium, but you find yourself in a dispute about getting your rightful payment, you will benefit greatly from having one of our bad faith insurance claim lawyers on your side. We have a team of attorneys that dedicate their careers to fighting for insurance policy holders that are the victims of unfair treatment on the part of their insurance companies. If you believe that you are being victimized by your insurance company with regard to your condominium insurance policy, you can fill out a free form to receive a case evaluation. We will review the merits of your case and offer you advice on how you should continue.

We have represented both homeowners associations in condominiums and individual owners when they are facing bad faith insurance claims. Whether you bought insurance by choice or because it was required in your mortgage, it is your personal right to insist upon being treated fairly and in accordance with the terms that are laid out in your insurance policy. Many people are frustrated into submission when their insurance company tries to avoid paying them altogether, or buries them in paperwork to delay the payment. These are both unfair tactics, and you do have the right and the resources to fight back.

We have represented homeowners associations and individual condo owners before and had success in obtaining repayment in their cases. We know that it is critical that payouts be made in a prompt manner in large cases, as the funds need to be dispersed to the members of the homeowners association or repairs need to be made on the properties. If things are not moving fast enough, or you feel as though your insurance company may be looking for a way to avoid paying you what you are owed, contact our team of expert lawyers. They specialize in litigating bad faith insurance claims, and they have what it takes to fight for you and make sure that you are not taken advantage of. Call us today to get a free consultation and to begin planning your strategy.