The vast majority of homeowners pay monthly premiums on their insurance policies, as this is usually a condition of their mortgage terms. As a result, most homeowners do not set aside money to make repairs on costly damages, because they know that they are covered by their insurance policies in those instances. Unfortunately, though, some homeowners do not receive fair or prompt payment when their house is damaged by a natural disaster, fire, pipe bursts, robberies or vandalism. Since they do not have money set aside, this could leave them unable to make the necessary repairs on their home until their insurance company steps up to the plate. It is our belief that if you have been making on-time payments to your insurance company, you deserve to have an on-time and fair payout. If this is not what is taking place, we are ready to fight for you so that you are not taken advantage of.

We have a team of bad faith insurance claim attorneys that specializes in these types of cases. They are used to fighting insurance companies, so they are familiar with all of the tricks that insurance companies try to pull in order to get out of paying a claim properly. When appropriate, we can also assist you in pursuing punitive damages if your insurance company was taking illegal action to avoid making payments on a valid claim.

Sometimes insurance companies will deny claims even though they know they should rightfully be paid, because they are hoping that the claimant will simply give up on the process. In other cases, they will undervalue repairs on purpose to save money or delay the process all together so that they don’t have to pay as quickly. This enables them to keep the money in their accounts, earning interest for them. If you have been the victim of one of these courses of action with regard to your homeowner’s policy, call us for a free consultation today. We’ll help you figure out what is rightfully yours and then go to work fighting for it, so that your claim is paid out properly.