Hail Damage

Hail damage can be particularly surprising, as it can occur in a storm that pops up out of nowhere as opposed to some other types of large insurance claims that result from predictable storms or weather events. Unfortunately, insurance companies often try to get out of paying the full amount that they owe you in the event of hail damage in order to try to protect their profit margins. Many people won’t fight for the amount that they rightly deserve, while some fight ineffectively. It is critical that you talk to a lawyer specializing in bad faith insurance claims so that you can plot your course forward, as you will likely need to work with an expert in order to maximize your chance of winning.

We can provide you with a free consultation in order to review the facts of your hail damage case and determine whether or not it appears that you have been the victim of a bad faith insurance claim.

Hailstorms of varying degrees can cause a lot of damage to vehicles and homes, and they can occur in thunderstorms without much notice. This is frustrating, but so is the fact that some insurance companies will attempt to deny claims for hail damage or undervalue repairs in order to minimize their payouts after a given storm.

People often forget that insurance companies are operating to make a profit, and paying out claims hurts their bottom line. As a result, some companies take aggressive action to avoid making too many payouts or paying out large amounts. Sometimes they’ll deny all claims initially or delay them in order to weaken the resolve of the policyholder. This causes a lot of people to simply accept whatever they are finally offered, but if it is not what they are rightfully owed under the policy they should be prepared to fight.

By working with a bad faith insurance claim attorney, you can significantly improve your chances of receiving the full payment that you are owed. We have years of experience in these cases, and we have put together a strong track record of getting our clients the payments that they deserve.