Pipe Bursts

A pipe burst can sound like a relatively minor event, but anyone who has experienced one knows that the damage can be pretty significant. A pipe burst can cause a significant amount of water damage, which can threaten the structural integrity of a building and cause mold damage. The expenses associated with repairing these damages and investigating to make sure that no damage goes unnoticed can be significant. Unfortunately, some insurance companies may try to avoid paying out claims related to pipe bursts. People often forget that insurance companies are for-profit companies that need to minimize expenses in order to protect their bottom line.

While that is understandable, it should not and cannot involve any shady practices to avoid living up to the full responsibilities they have toward their customers. If you feel that your insurance company is acting unfairly in paying out your claim or refusing to do so, contact one of our bad faith insurance attorneys today to have your case reviewed. If your insurance company is unfairly delaying payment or refusing to make payment in connection to your pipe burst claim, we will fight for your rights to receive payment in full.

Our attorneys have years of experience in litigating bad faith insurance claim cases and they have put together a strong track record of getting clients paid in full. If you are experiencing insurance misconduct such as claim denials, payment delays or misrepresentation of your policy by a broker or agent, we can determine what you are rightly owed and assist you in fighting to get it.

Often times insurance companies that engage in these practices are counting on the fact that many policyholders won’t even fight back due to fear of losing out on their claims, which empowers the insurance companies to continue these unjust practices. Most people who fight back with the assistance of an expert do well, which is why it is so important to get a good bad faith insurance claim lawyer on your side. They’ll know how to handle these types of cases and can provide you valuable advice.