Apartment Complexes

We work with the owners of apartment complexes, whether they own a smaller building with just a handful of units or a huge complex with hundreds of apartments. We provide assistance in resolving disputes with insurance companies that are centered around coverage and potential bad faith claims. One of our lawyers will meet with you in order to determine whether or not your insurance company has operated in bad faith with regard to your policy. If they have, we are ready to help you fight for what is rightfully yours according to the policy you have been paying for.

We understand that apartment buildings are particularly at risk when it comes to fires and pipe bursts. Because so many residents are located in one area, there is a greater likelihood of something going wrong that can impact multiple people and multiple domiciles. In addition, it is critical that payment be received as quickly as possible, since residents will usually be complaining and demanding repairs. As a result, if an insurance company refuses to pay a claim or delays payment, it can cause a major crisis for apartment complex owners.

Some insurance companies will expend a lot of effort in order to delay payments or avoid payments, even on valid claims. They’ll slow down the investigation or assign a lower value on repairs. As a result, their own customers can be taken advantage of and backed into a corner. If you feel like you are the victim of bad faith claims with your insurance company, we have a team of lawyers standing by to assist you in legal action. They are familiar with policies connected to buildings, liability, loss of rent and more. Whether the damage originated from a natural disaster such as a flood or hurricane, or a robbery or vandalism, our lawyers have expertise and experience in similar cases.

Fill out a free form today in order to have your case evaluated and we will begin working with you to put together a strategy to fight your insurance company in order to get what you deserve on your claim.