Tornadoes are one of the scariest natural disasters to experience, and they can cause the most concentrated, intense damage due to wind speeds that reach hundreds of miles per hour. A strong tornado can level a home, office or other building and leave homeowners and business owners with a complete loss and a reliance on their insurance companies to stand by them and cover their losses according to the policy that they hold.

One thing that can be particularly complicated in a claim stemming from a strong tornado is cataloguing the property that was lost inside of a home or building that was completely destroyed. Since items can be picked up and dropped hundreds of yards, if not miles, away, it can be impossible to identify everything that was in the home. This can cause investigations from insurance companies to drag out, in some cases delaying payments unfairly. Meanwhile, the bills to repair a property and replace essential items will be piling up. As a result, it is essential that insurance companies issue payments in a reasonable amount of time so that their policyholders can begin to rebuild their homes and put their lives back together.

If you feel that you are the victim of unjust actions on the part of your insurance company, contact us to set up a consultation free of charge. We’ll take a look at the facts of your case and help you to determine whether or not you have legal grounds to take action. We have a great deal of experience in bad faith insurance claim cases and we will not back away from a fight if you are being treated unfairly. Whether you are experiencing wrongful claim denial, payment delays, or broker and agent misrepresentation, we will figure out what you rightfully deserve and go to work to ensure that you receive it.

If you feel that you are being mistreated in filing a claim for tornado damage, contact us right away in order to talk to a bad faith insurance claim attorney and get dedicated representation that can help you fight for what you deserve.