Insurance Broker/Agent Misrepresentation

A lot of people have a healthy mistrust of sales people, and understandably so. While there are many honest, hard working salesmen and saleswomen who will not lie or try to cheat their customers, there are unfortunately a few of them that ruin the reputation of their coworkers. The same is true of insurance brokers and insurance agents. In order to generate more commissions and sell more policies, some brokers and agents will misrepresent the insurance policies that they are selling. If you have been misled as a home or business owner, and have been making payments on a policy faithfully only to discover that you did not have the benefits that you were sold, you may have the grounds to take legal action.

People are often shocked and furious when they find out that they are not covered for a claim they filed, despite a broker telling them that it was included in their policy. If you are in that type of situation, talk to one of our bad faith insurance lawyers. They can review your policy and the evidence against your insurance broker in order to figure out if they illegally misrepresented the policy that they sold you. If that is the case, you may be able to take legal action against the broker in order to recoup the damages.

Some insurance agents simply stretch the truth in order to try to close a sale, but it has major implications if they are stretching the truth about what your policy covers. That’s unfair, and fortunately you do have the legal right to demand that you are given the coverage that you were originally promised. The problem is that many people try to fight this injustice without the assistance of a lawyer, and they do not have a very good success rate. Enlist our assistance and with our services, your chances of getting paid what you are owed will be a lot higher. We specialize in these types of cases, so we have a high level of expertise that can be extremely valuable to you. If you believe that a broker misrepresented the policy that you bought, call us today to talk to a lawyer.